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There is no doubt that the world is facing an unprecedented public health crisis.  The vast majority of the world have never lived through an experience like the global Covid-19 pandemic and SAVE is proud to be at the forefront of helping during this crisis with our expertise in mental health and suicide prevention.

At this critical time with so many uncertainties, SAVE wants you to know that we are here to help individuals, families, businesses, communities as well as our state and federal partners with our programs, services and technical assistance.  On an individual level we all can do our part to help others too.  Check-in with family, friends, loved ones, neighbors and co-workers.  Ask how they are doing, if you can help in any way and offer a supportive ear during these difficult times.  This is particularly true for staying connected to those living with a mental illness.  Find ways to interact and stay connected to them even with physical distancing keeping us apart.  Phone calls, emails, text messages, FaceTime and other uses of technology and social media offer us many ways to stay in touch with people.  Ensure they are getting the support that they need, taking their medications as prescribed, following doctor’s and therapist’s recommendations which can be especially hard at this time.  Assure them that they do not need to watch the news 24/7 and instead talk with them about other things that they can do to fill their days and nights when they might feel particularly alone and isolated.

No matter where you are, each of us can take time to reach out to someone and let them know that you care, you are thinking of them and that now is the time to put everything aside and focus on compassion for each other.  We are all in this together and together we can all get through Covid-19.



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