Exit 111 is a Huge Success

Imagine more than 20,000 fans coming to a concert and hearing messages about SAVE and suicide prevention. Now imagine that happening 12 hours a day over 3 days and that is what the inaugural Exit 111 Festival was in Manchester, TN in October.
SAVE has been fortunate to have Shaun Morgan and his multi-platinum band, Seether, as a partner in suicide prevention efforts for many years. This year his Rise Above Fest came to a bigger light than ever before as it joined forces with Exit 111 featuring headline bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Def Leapord, ZZ Top and Guns N Roses. “We were thrilled to be part of this event and hope it continues for years to come,” said SAVE’s Executive Director. “The partnership with Rise Above and Exit 111 gave us exposure to people we otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach helping us save more lives.” As part of the event SAVE had a large tent with several activations throughout the weekend including fans creating murals, a DJ, social media photo booth, virtual reality station, Hearts of Hope wall, raffle, merchandise and a giant Scrabble board. To help our military and veterans, 1,000 fans signed thank you cards for families who lost someone to suicide and another 400 created “Bags of Hope” that will be distributed to families across the country in 2020 after the loss of an active duty soldier or veteran. Over 75 volunteers helped support the SAVE staff and hundreds of fans came out for two acoustic sets that Shaun performed in the SAVE tent. To see a video recap of the festival click….3 Day Highlights