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My name is Donell Buggs, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey. I have been serving in the people-helping field for over 20 years. I recall a time in my personal life when I contended with moments of depression and feelings of loneliness. I found myself in a very dark space, and suicidal ideations permeated my thoughts heavily. After sharing these ideations with family, I felt unsupported when they responded in anger rather than compassion. My faith and strong desire to live helped me get through that episode in my life. I also knew that I did not want others to feel alone and isolated.
Professionally, I have had numerous people I have counseled with a history of suicidal ideations and attempts. Some were parents who had lost their children to suicide. Unfortunately, I had one client that died by suicide months after terminating therapy, and that was a painful experience to endure. My desire for joining SAVE is to become a support to others during the darkest moments in their lives when they feel they have no one else. My goal as a SAVE member is to bring awareness and provide educational tools to give individuals the hope essential to surmount the belief that suicide is their only solution and eradicate the devastating impact that suicide has on our community.

If you are in need of resources, materials, or assistance, please call the SAVE National Office at (952) 946-7998

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Chairman: Donell Buggs
Co-Chairman: Jericka Brown
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Survivor Support Lead: Donell Buggs
Social Media Lead: Imani Reginald

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