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Charter Story 

After experiencing the loss of Jenn’s nephew Jeffrey Siopa Jr in July 2016 (who was still a child himself) to suicide and seeing the hurt and pain his family carries with them to this day; has impacted everyone around them. We all will experience the loss of a loved one in some shape or form, but the loss of someone to suicide surely makes a different impact, a different grief. This loss creates a pain that the family could not seem to get past but with time. Jenn did find the strength within, and she knew then that she wanted to make a difference! In hopes of helping prevent families from having to carry the same hurt and pain that her family does; Jenn did a lot of research and learned about all of the resources out there to improve awareness and educate in Adult/Youth Mental Health, and suicide prevention. 

Due to the personal loss, Jenn has felt; is what lead to the beginning of the charter Greater Philadelphia PA with SAVE. 

The Mission of Greater Philadelphia PA is to bring awareness, education, and resources to the communities throughout about suicide prevention and mental health in hopes to help save lives, to become a voice for those who feel they do not have one to be heard, to be there to help when someone thinks no one can relate, to help the adults and youth of our world that struggle with a mental health issue like Jeffrey did and to have Jeffrey Siopa Jr’s name live on by helping others in his memory.  


If you are in need of resources, materials, or assistance, please call the SAVE National Office at (952) 946-7998
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 Executive Committee

Charter Lead: Jenn Siopa
Resources Lead: Alisha Serpa
Fundraising Lead: Kim DiBattista
Survivor Support Lead: Tina Lupo
Volunteer Lead:
Social Media Lead: Tiffany Noll

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