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There continues to be a stigma reaction to individuals that have a mental illness or seek help for emotional distress. This negative reaction from family, friends, and the general public make it more difficult for individuals in distress to seek help as well as to recover. I want to increase awareness by encouraging those affected to talk freely and choose empowerment over shame. I want to educate others of the signs of mental illness and the support that is available. Everyone needs to be reminded that someone in this life feels better because they exist. I want to be one of the people giving out those reminders. This is the beginning of my story to make a difference.

If you are need of resources, materials, or assistance, please call the SAVE National Office at (952) 946-7998.

Charter Chairman Lead: Kim Wheeler
Survivor Support Lead: Mackenzie Wheeler
Fundraising Lead: Stacy McCoy
Volunteer Lead: Avis Cook
Resources Lead: Madison Davis
Social Media Lead:

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