Survivors of Suicide Loss – Eden Prairie, MN

Tammy Speer (612) 322-3520 Meeting Frequency: 1st Tuesday & 3rd Thursday of each month via Zoom Meeting Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm Notes:

Have you lost a loved one to suicide? If so, you are a survivor of suicide loss. A survivor may be a spouse or partner, child, family member, friend, co-worker, or anyone who is impacted by a suicide. Suicide loss survivors share a common bond. Although each of our journeys is unique, we tend to experience similar feelings, emotions, reactions, questions, and stages of grief. Because suicide grief is so different than grief from other types of death, many survivors value the understanding found at a suicide survivor support group. Our group’s first goal is to provide a supportive environment for loss survivors to share their grief and their loved ones with others who have also lost a loved one to suicide. Our second goal is to provide a safe place to do the “work of mourning” resulting in healing and growth.
Please contact Facilitator Tammy Sperr, Grief Support Specialist for more information and Zoom link.

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