SEP 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day 2016!

September 10, 2016 is World Suicide Prevention Day and SAVE is asking everyone to Take 5 to Save Lives! Take 5 To Save Lives is a public awareness campaign started and run by the National Council for Suicide Prevention to increase participation in World Suicide Prevention Day. By giving people the tools necessary to help save more lives, we hope to end the tragedy of suicide. What does it mean to Take 5 to Save Lives? Check out to learn 5 steps you can take and in just 5 minutes! The steps include:

LEARN THE SIGNS. An expert-consensus list of warning signs was created to help people identify someone who may be in suicidal crisis or experiencing suicidal thoughts. Learn the warning signs of suicideand other suicide prevention preparedness so you can help save more lives.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT. Just like other important causes, suicide prevention needs your voice. Add yours by joining the Take 5 social media pages and engaging in the conversation.

SPREAD THE WORD. One great way to end stigma is to talk about suicide prevention and share real life stories of living with depression,other mental illnesses and suicidal thoughts. We challenge you to share the Take 5 campaign with at least 5 other people!

SUPPORT A FRIEND. Knowing what to do when you are concerned about a friend who might be thinking about suicide is vital. The most important thing you can do is ASK. Learn the best ways to approach a friend who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts.

REACH OUT FOR HELP. There are many resources for those experiencing suicidal thoughts or a suicidal crisis. Know where to turn to if you or someone you know needs help.

There are two things we want you to know about this important issue and World Suicide Prevention Day. (1.) Healing, help and hope happens. (2.) We all have a role in preventing suicide. By sharing this message, your stories of hope and recovery, and by taking 5 minutes to learn about suicide, you will be making a difference in the world! Visit the Take 5 Toolkit on the website for more information on how you can support and share the Take 5 campaign.