Boost Your Brain

In addition to keeping our minds mentally well, we can also flex our brain power by participating in stimulating activities that boost brain activity and promote overall brain health. Research has shown that there are ways to maximize wellness in the brain.

Our brain reserve helps us adapt to changes to lessen risk of damage. We build this from childhood to adulthood by learning new things, studying, and challenging our brains to navigate new experiences. Here are a few suggestions to help you boost your brain health today!

Learn a New Skill

Research shows that Learning a new skill takes focus and concentration which can improve memory.

  • Learn a new language
  • Learn how to quilt or knit
  • Play a new sport
  • Learn to play an instrument

Study or Do Challenging Work

Continue to challenge your brain whether it’s through a cognitively challenging job or through studying and reading about a new topic.


Although the research is still out on puzzles, card games, and even online cognitive memory games as good ways to stay mentally sharp, they are fun and engaging and provide brain stimulation that could potentially decrease risk of memory loss or cognitive ability.