Rules of Participation

You must register to participate in the forum. We do not verify individuals participating in the forum. Moderators periodically review the forum and remove or delete any comments or subject matter that violates the Rules. Users of the forum who violate the rules may receive a warning or may be banned from using this forum. In serious cases, members who violate the Rules of Participation may even face removal of their account. A decision to give a warning or termination is at the discretion of the forum moderator and Connections program staff.

Because this forum depends on user-generated content, you may receive information that is inaccurate, untrue, unhelpful, or even potentially harmful. Connections staff does not accept responsibility for the opinions, information, advice, or any other content posted or shared by forum members. If you have a complaint or a problem, please Contact Us right away. 

By participating in the Community Conversations forum, you agree to follow these rules:

  1. Do not use this forum in an emergency. This forum is not intended for emergency support. If there is a medical emergency, call the emergency service available in your country. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, including thoughts of suicide, call a suicide hotline in your region. In the United States call 1-800-273-8255. If you are located outside the USA, click here.
  2. Be respectful. We’d like to maintain a helpful, positive, and encouraging environment on this forum. If you have nothing positive or helpful to contribute to a thread, simply do not participate in that thread. If you are providing constructive criticism, please be tactful and kind in your post.  
  3. Be relevant. The purpose of this forum is to provide support and encourage others who are either participating in the Connections program or have experienced a suicide attempt/suicidal thinking. Please only post questions or topics that are relevant to suicide attempt survivors and those who experience suicidal thinking.
  4. Protect your privacy. Do not provide any private information you do not want made public including account login details, email address or phone number, home address, or any other private information. Do not share any specific medical information about yourself or anyone else that you do not wish to be public.
  5. Alert staff of inappropriate content: We ask that users of this forum avoid responding to inappropriate content or content that has violated the Rules of Participation. Instead, you may report the post by sending us an alert via our contact form. Please allow our moderators and program staff 1-3 business days to respond to reports.
  6. Obey the law. Do not post anything that is against the law or may violate any other contractual agreements you may have made. 
  7. Do not (or allow someone access to your account to):
    1. Post discriminatory content or images including but not limited to a person’s race/color, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical/mental disability, veteran status, genetic information or citizenship.
    2. Post political statements/images.
    3. Post hyperlinks that lead to content that violates any of these rules.
    4. Post advertisements or attempt to sell products or services provided by you or anyone you are associated with in which you gain personally.

We hope you find this forum a useful and supportive tool. If you would like to leave feedback, please use the Contact Us form. Thank you!