Crisis Response


Companies should have measures in place to appropriately respond to a mental health and suicide crisis that may occur in the workplace. Crisis response requires the ability to identify someone who may be at risk and basic knowledge and skills to direct someone to help. This module will help employers train and equip management and employees to identify someone who may be struggling and action steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of suicide.


1. Prioritize identifying individuals who may be at risk. Through training and education, employers can be sure all employees have the knowledge to identify when a co-worker may be experiencing a suicide or mental health crisis.

2. Train all employees to respond to someone in crisis. Preparing your employees to help someone in a suicidal crisis will foster a safer workplace environment and save lives.

3. Train management to respond to someone in crisis. Management that can swiftly handle a suicide crisis in the workplace will help mitigate potential impacts of a suicide death.

Lesson Topics