Providing educational opportunities for employees can help reduce negative stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide. This module contains a series of 5 educational videos on various topics related to mental health, wellness, grief, suicide prevention, and resilience. As you review, imagine ways in which your company can provide access to learning opportunities in the workplace. Some examples include posting the videos on your company Intranet, sharing them in a newsletter alongside help resources available to your employees, or making them available for CE credits. 

Any of the educational videos can be developed into a short employee training upon special request. 


  1. Educate employees on important topics related to mental health. General education can boost employee confidence in protecting their own mental health and increase their ability to support their peers.
  2. Provide educational opportunities regularly. Create checkpoints throughout the career of your employees to keep information related to mental health and suicide prevention fresh and relevant and to keep employees engaged in supporting their own mental health.
  3. Make educational materials accessible. Make it easy for employees to find, utilize, and share educational materials related to mental health and suicide prevention.

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