Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are processes that objectively assess outcomes related to objectives and goals recommended by One Step Ahead. Below are a few reasons you will want to spend some time on M&E when implementing workplace mental health and suicide prevention programs, policies, and practices.




  • Builds employee trust. Providing insight and progress on programs and policies that employees engage with demonstrates transparency and makes efforts more sincere. Employee trust is important for employee engagement and uptake of new mental health programs.
  • Saves resources and time. M&E efforts alert program and project managers to what works and what does not. This information helps decision-makers know what programs to invest in and which to discontinue.
  • Provides evidence of effectiveness (or lack thereof) to stakeholders. M&E provides qualitative and quantitative data to leadership and other stakeholders who have an invested interest in program success. M&E often results in hard reports that can be analyzed and results shared.
  • Helps companies stay organized. M&E helps with tracking progress of implementation and record keeping.