External Partnerships


In this lesson you will learn who are external partners, why they are important to your company, and tips on choosing an Employee Assistance Program right for your company. External partners in the context of this program are individuals or businesses that provide a product or service to your company that your company does not have or provide in-house. They may extend your employee benefits by including experts on a variety of subjects or services that fall outside of what your company does on a day-to-day basis. External partners are important because by the nature of their expertise, possess information and current,  research-informed knowledge that can be applied to particular needs of your company. External partners can be subject matter experts like experts in suicide prevention or domestic violence. They can also be businesses, such as an Employee Assistance Program provider or a local mental health resource center. External partners can also mean partnerships developed with local police departments or hospitals.


  1. Vet and update mental health and suicide prevention resources. Be sure to provide and direct your employees to credible programs and services. Periodically update your external resources list to ensure accuracy and accessibility.  
  2. Vet EAP programs. It is important to select an EAP that provides access to mental health and suicide prevention resources with providers having specific training in these areas.

Lesson Topics