Getting Started

Welcome to One Step Ahead

Hello and welcome! We are glad you are here. As a member of your workplace safety team (or similar department), we know you have an enormous responsibility on your hands. Well, don’t worry! One Step Ahead was designed as a comprehensive guide covering mental health and suicide prevention policies and practices that can be implemented in your workplace to reduce the risk of suicide while also boosting employee awareness. The program is designed to reach all levels of employees and provide you with ready-made resources, templates, and useful tools to make implementation simple.

The content and recommendations within this toolkit were formulated by experts in the field of suicide prevention and should be reviewed by company decision-makers before implementation. The recommendations may not be appropriate for all industries or workplaces.

Thank you for your commitment to employee mental health and wellbeing! We are excited to have you onboard.

How It Works

One Step Ahead allows you to move through the program content in a way that works best for your company. Modules can be completed at any time and in any order; however, it is recommended to review all modules before implementation of the recommendations. Several modules are purely informational, while others may require participation from employees. Each module is structured similarly and contains:
  • An introduction to module content
  • Two to three recommendations related to module content
  • Subtopics containing informational materials, activity templates, or shareable resources related to the module
Reviewing modules beforehand will help in planning and prioritizing the most relevant recommendations to implement in your workplace. 

Certificate of Completion
In order to receive a certificate of completion, your company must complete each module and implement program recommendations that apply to your company (not all recommendations are feasible or appropriate for every company). Applying for a certificate of completion is not mandatory.

Check out a brief welcome message from SAVE’s Former Executive Director, Dr. Dan Reidenberg, on the importance of implementing One Step Ahead.