For Students

SAVE offers opportunities for students to be involved with suicide awareness and prevention efforts. If you are looking for a short term activity to support SAVE and our work, browse the list of projects and opportunities available for high school and college students.

Suggested Activities


  • Coordinate a mental health awareness day – Work with your counseling center, health education teacher or another interested school professional to offer a resource fair during meal times. SAVE can provide access to informational flier to distribute.
  • Organize a school poster campaign – Do you know the warning signs of suicide? Use your creativity to get your classmates involved with writing messages of encouragement to those who might be struggling with their mental wellness.
  • Organize a social media campaign – Everyone uses social media and you can use that to your advantage. Create an eye-catching and engaging campaign that involves your fellow students in conversations about mental health and suicide prevention.
  • Hold a fundraiser to donate to SAVE – What event will work at your school to raise both awareness of suicide prevention and raise funds to donate to SAVE?
  • Hold a fundraiser to purchase mental health resources for your school – SAVE has a wide variety of suicide prevention materials that include wallet cards, brochures, posters, booklets, and more. Click here to shop our mental health resources.
  • Organize a school radio/newspaper advertisement – Write a 30 second advertisement for your school radio that discusses the prevalence of mental illness in high school/college aged students and encourage those who are struggling to reach out to a trusted adult or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
  • Design a t-shirt campaign – Are you creative and love design? Put your creativity to good use by designing a t-shirt that supports mental wellness and suicide prevention and advertise the t-shirt to your fellow students. Time your campaign around September (Suicide Awareness Month) and ask everyone to wear their shirts on September 10th (World Suicide Prevention Day). Sites such as make organizing your campaign effortless.

If you would like to get involved in a more consistent way, we strongly encourage you to organize a SMART group at your school. For more info about SMART, click here.

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