Fundraise for SAVE

Fundraising is a great way to help SAVE continue our work and for those who have lost someone to personally connect with our mission so others never have to experience the pain of losing someone to suicide. Learn more about our fundraising opportunities to support SAVE and suicide prevention in a number of different ways.

Online Fundraising 

There are many advantages to fundraising online. 

» An online fundraising page is a great way for you to make a personal appeal for something you feel strongly about.

» An online page makes it possible to reach more people who want to support you and help you raise money for something that is important.

» You can add customization or creativity to your page.

» Your page will help you keep track of your donations and support in one place.

» Donations are tax deductible. Check your state laws for details.

» And finally, it’s free! You can set up a fundraising page at no cost.

How It Works

It’s easy to collect donations in support of SAVE through our online fundraising pages! You can create your own custom page and SAVE will provide you with tips to make it a success. Once your page is created share the link with your family, friends and on social media to help you reach your fundraising goal.


Step 1

Set up a fundraising page. You will need to create an account so you can login in at your convenience, update your page, and share your hard work with your family and friends! Also, be thinking of a couple sentences to explain why you want to fundraise for SAVE and set a goal dollar amount you want to raise.

Step 2

Stay on top of your fundraising goal by checking your page often and sharing it frequently. If you’re not organizing an in-person event, setting an end date may help you keep on track with accomplishing your fundraising goal.

Step 3

Once you’ve reached your fundraising goal or if your campaign ends, SAVE will notify you to finalize your fundraising efforts. If you’d like to extend your goal or timeline, please let us know!

Create Your Own Fundraising Page!   Get Started

Fundraising Ideas

» Host an ice cream social, bake sale or potluck, organize a community walk, a garage sale, or hold a poker tournament with friends and family to support mental health and suicide prevention. We have even had people hold ice fishing tournaments and skydive to raise money for SAVE! Get creative with how you plan to ask for donations.

» Love to run or exercise? Participate in an endurance challenge or contest! Marathons, biathlons, triathlons and other races or contests are all popular ways to raise money.

» Host an online gaming event, with friends, family and other gamers to support mental health and suicide prevention.  Get creative with how you plan to ask for donations.

» Got a talent to share? Use your artistic talents to your fundraising advantage! Ask for a small donation as admission to a community show or put together a performance with multiple acts for a night of entertainment and fun.