National Outreach Network

As a community, we can shape the future. Together, we’ll be SAVE’ing more lives.

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About the Program

The National Outreach Network (NON) is a suicide prevention program comprised of community charters across the United States that work to raise awareness of suicide by distributing SAVE materials, planning events, and providing survivor support. Dedicated NON volunteers work on a local and regional basis, assisting SAVE in bringing suicide prevention and mental health resources to their local communities using SAVE’s nationally recognized suicide prevention materials, resources and programs.

Purpose – Why join the National Outreach Network?

To get involved and to make a difference!  Your efforts through the NON will increase community engagement in promoting suicide awareness and make suicide awareness and prevention materials more accessible to the public and private sectors.  With each contact you make in the community, you will be working to reduce stigma by starting the conversation about suicide and mental health.  As a National Outreach Network Charter you will be an extension of SAVE and therefore act as one of our representatives.

Your Time Invested Will Help Save Lives

Being a part of the NON you have the opportunity to be a leader in changing the way individuals and society think about the causes and prevention of suicide.  By engaging individuals and stakeholders in your community you will be educating your community, fighting the stigma surrounding suicide and mental health, and SAVE’ing more lives.  Your investment of time paired with our products, services, and events will result in greater awareness, less stigma and fewer suicides.


Getting Started

The first task you will need to do is find and set up a committee of at least five people including yourself who share your interest, passion and desire to prevent suicide. Each person needs to be willing to work with you for a 1-2 year period to get your NON Charter off the ground and running. This foundation of the NON Charter is critical to its success. Talk with family, friends, co-workers, and/or support group members to gauge their level of interest and commitment. Once you have at least four other individuals, complete the NON Charter Application to move to the next step.

Becoming a SAVE NON Volunteer

You and your NON committee will complete a volunteer application and submit that to the National Outreach Network Coordinator. This is a short form that tells us a little more about you and asks for 3 references.  References will be required to complete a questionnaire. Because you are a representative of SAVE, we want to ensure that everyone who is part of the Network is qualified and approved. Once the questionnaires are all in and approved, you will have a conference call with the NON Coordinator to go over the Work plan, Annual Requirements, and discuss your Charter’s name (city or region).

Once the Charter is Approved

Once we approve your charter, you will be given an official Charter document, we will create a page on the SAVE website, create your own Facebook & Instagram pages with your local information, and you will begin your work plans.

SAVE is an Equal Opportunity Organization. We support a work environment where NON volunteers are respected and given the opportunity to perform to their fullest potential. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for NON volunteering without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or veteran status, among other factors.