Named Memorial Program

Establishing a SAVE Named Memorial fund in remembrance of a loved one creates a lasting legacy that gives back to others by ensuring SAVE's programs and services are financially supported into the future. Learn more about how to begin a fund for your loved one and the different opportunities each level of giving details.

How it Works

Step 1

Donate any amount to establish a Named Memorial. Receive personal memorial fund page account and URL.


Step 2

Personalize your donation page share with family and friends. Share a special link that will direct them to your personalized memorial fund page.

Step 3

When the memorial reaches $1,000, the name of the person is placed on one of SAVE’s Memorial Walls located at SAVE’s HQ office.  A light adorns each name and can be lit at any time. Staff turn on lights for each person during their birth month and month of passing.

For inquiries about our Named Memorial Fund please contact us.