» Peer support can serve as a useful resource in the recovery of individuals experiencing mental health and/or substance abuse issues. In response to an increased need for peer based resources, SAVE created an online space that facilitates peer support for individuals who have attempted suicide or who struggle with suicidal thoughts. By developing an online directory and database of Peer Supporters, we hope to lessen the burden of time, geography, and social barriers that may otherwise prevent these meaningful and helpful connections from happening. 

» Connections also provides valuable resources specifically for suicide attempt survivors and those with suicidal thoughts. Visit the Resources page to find helpful information for yourself or someone you care about.


» Connections is an online directory resource where individuals who have attempted suicide or who struggle with suicidal thinking can connect one-on-one with other suicide attempt survivors who are living in recovery. Through their lived experience, Peer Supporters can provide valuable knowledge and assistance in navigating life after a suicide attempt or experience with suicidal thinking. 

» Connections is a resource for individuals searching for hope, support, and encouragement during recovery after experience with suicidal thoughts or a suicide attempt. Individuals seeking support can expect from a Peer Supporter:

  • Concern and care
  • Shared personal experiences (lived experience)
  • Support overcoming difficult life circumstances
  • Assistance and support in connecting to professional help services
  • Dialogue and feedback
  • Encouragement and motivation to advocate for your own mental wellness


» Connections is not a crisis intervention service. If you are in emotional or suicidal crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. If there is a medical emergency, call 911. 

» Connections is not a replacement or substitute for professional therapy or treatment. However, it is one way to supplement a professional treatment regimen.

» Information provided by Peer Supporters is not definitive and should not be used as an official source of information. Credible information on treatment and recovery for those who have attempted suicide or struggle with suicidal thoughts is available in the Resources section of this website.

» The Connections website is not communication software. The website is a directory of suicide attempt survivors who are willing to connect and share their personal experiences with you. All communications between Peer Supporters and individuals seeking support will take place on other communication platforms agreed upon by both parties (other examples include but are not limited to: email, text/SMS messaging, phone, in person). Once an account has been created on the Connections website, individuals seeking support will be able to connect to Peer Supporters via a secure email form. Peer Supporters will reply to the email provided on the secure form.

» Connections is not a dating service or primarily a place to meet new friends. 

» Peer Supporters are NOT required to reply to your message, be available 24/7, or to meet outside the agreed upon time, place, and communication method agreed upon by both parties.