1. Create an Account 

Any person interested in connecting with a Peer Supporter must create an account. Your profile will always remain private to the public. You are not required to use your full name, but you must provide a legitimate email address in order to connect with a Peer Supporter.

Create An Account

 2. Browse Peer Supporters and send them a message

Browse through our database of Peer Supporters to find an individual that may best meet your needs. Use the search boxes to filter your search then review the profile by clicking on any part of their profile.

Once you have found a Peer Supporter you’d like to connect with, select the “Send Me a Message” button located at the bottom of their profile page.

Find a Peer Supporter Now

 3. Set up your first meeting

After you’ve sent the message, wait for your Peer Supporter to respond and schedule your first meeting!

***Conversations between individuals seeking support and Peer Supporters take place off of the Connections website at an agreed upon time, place, duration, and preferences of communication method (online, in-person, chat, text, phone call, etc.) by both the Peer Supporter and individual seeking support. Information on each Peer Supporter’s communication preferences is listed on their respective profiles on the Connections website.