Suicide attempt survivors and those with suicidal thoughts seeking support from Peer Supporters must agree to the following terms to be eligible to participate in the Connections program:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Must understand that the Connections program is not a crisis intervention service. 
  3. Must understand Peer Supporters are not required to respond to your message, be available 24/7, or meet outside the parameters of a scheduled meeting between you and a Peer Supporter.
  4. Must understand that the Connections program is not a dating service or primarily a place to meet new friends.
  5. Must understand that the Connections website is not communication software and that in order for the program to work you will need to communicate with a Peer Supporter off of the Connections site.
  6. Must understand that any information, support, guidance or advice provided by any Peer Supporter is not definitive and should not be used as an official source of information.
  7. Must understand that Connections is not a replacement or substitute for professional therapy or treatment.