Suicide Survivors Club: A Family’s Journey through the Death of their Loved One


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By Rebecca Anderson and Laurie Phillips

5-Book Set

Winner of a Midwest Book Award (Autobiography/Memoir), May 2017. In this hopeful five-book set, a mother and her three children ages 5, 7 and 19 share their story after the suicide death of husband and father Don, in 2002. Their reflections are captured in their own words and through poignant art by artist/storyteller Laurie Phillips. Eight years after guiding her family through the devastation of their collective loss, Rebecca ‘Becky’ Anderson and her children embarked on a healing journey with artist Laurie Phillips. Each family member had a unique story to tell of how the suicide impacted their life, within a book bearing their name: “Becky,” “Pattie,” “Aidan” and “Will.” The fifth book, “Parenting the Suicide Survivors’ Club,” is a memoir by Rebecca Anderson that gives context to the individual stories and offers the powerful perspective of a mother, wife and medical professional determined to put her broken family back together. Out of this creative collaboration between artist and suicide loss survivors came profound healing and the five-book set, “Suicide Survivors’ Club: A Family’s Journey Through the Death of Their Loved One.” To learn more:

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