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Research tells us that the way you think can influence how you act.  Your thoughts and behaviors can also influence your feelings.   For example, if you are feeling hopeless, you are also probably thinking that “things will never get any better.”  If you feel hopeless and think things won’t ever get better, it’s also likely that you may have some physical pain such as headaches, stomach problems or muscle tension.  If you think, “they’d be better off without me,” this is known as mind reading, but is this thought really accurate?  Is there any objective evidence that those you love truly want you not to be happy or feel better?  Have you asked them if they think they’d be better off without you?

Our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all inter-connected and sometimes our thoughts have a negative or potentially harmful impact on our feelings and behaviors.  There are very few problems that are “forever problems.”   As bad as things may seem now, thinking that they will never change for the better is a sign that something more serious could be happening for you.  The good news is that there are proven ways to develop coping mechanisms that can change your thoughts and behaviors resulting in changing how you feel too.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based form of treatment helps you do just that.

There are professionals right here in our community who specialize in helping people reframe their ways of thinking and behaving and, yes this can help them to feel better.  They can also help you cope with and problem-solve through those issues that are burdening you and seem so unsolvable.  Two heads are always better than one at working though some of life’s difficulties!

If you are having any of the thoughts that brought you to this website and would like to connect with a clinical professional in this area who can help, click here.