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Preventing Suicide On Social Media

Preventtheattempt Homepage screenshotPrevent The Attempt is an online tool developed to assist social media and technology platforms in developing and implementing Good, Better, and Best suicide prevention strategies. Social media platforms and online search engines encounter suicidal individuals but rarely have the necessary tools at their disposal. This tool fills that gap, by helping tech and social media companies be better prepared to respond to individuals in suicidal or emotional crisis.

The online chart located on the homepage of the tool, developed by industry and mental health experts*, offers three levels of response to suicidal ideation or intent ranging from Basic to Advanced. Companies can choose the options that work best for their platforms, policies and procedures.

Facebook Safety Tool


SAVE, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Forefront, and Facebook worked together to develop a new suicide prevention safety tool. Watch the video to learn how the new feature works. Click here for a one page explanation.