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Adult Wallet Card

A quick guide to the symptoms of depression and warning signs of suicide. 100 cards per pack.

Youth Wallet Cards (100 card/pack)

A quick guide to the symptoms of depression and warning signs of suicide. Cards fold and can be placed in a wallet for easy reference. The youth card contains age-appropriate language.

Custom Training

Instructions: Read the information below and complete the custom training form. Then, go to the next topic in this lesson.  To be the most effective, SAVE offers custom training utilizing industry-specific information and references. A stratified training plan is thought to be the most effective way to train your workforce, meaning each level of employee […]

Crisis Response Tool

Introduction Just as we learn first aid to help someone with an injury, we can also learn how to recognize and respond to someone who may be suicidal. This is a skill everyone in your workplace should be familiar with and have the opportunity to practice.


Introduction Where education aims to inform, training adds a skill-building component that transforms information into action. Training is critical to any mental health and suicide prevention workplace program, and advances employees’ knowledge and skills beyond base level to increase impact. Training can also be tailored specifically for different roles and levels of employee and different […]