Custom Training

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To be the most effective, SAVE offers custom training utilizing industry-specific information and references. A stratified training plan is thought to be the most effective way to train your workforce, meaning each level of employee receives custom information to better reflect how each topic directly impacts their positions and responsibilities. The document below explores how SAVE can help your company develop and implement a stratified training plan that works for your company’s needs and budget.

Primary trainings include our suicide prevention and postvention trainings. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:  

  • Suicide prevention (all employee levels and/or management only)
    • Warning signs of suicide
    • Risk and protective factors
    • Identifying level of risk
    • Crisis intervention
    • Local help resources
  • Postvention (management/supervisory level only)
    • Suicide death at work
    • Critical role of a manager
    • Phases of a post-suicide crisis
    • Suicide grief
    • Employee resources
    • Working with the media
Leadership Buy-in One Pager

Training Request Form

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