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SAVE works with communities, professionals and businesses to make the workplace “suicide safer.” Whether you are interested in a presentation, training program or consulting, we have extensive experience working in all settings to help you. Learn more about our programs and how we can help your team implement strong prevention, intervention and postvention (after a suicide) strategies to your place of business.


Journalist and Media Training

For more than two decades, SAVE has specialized in media and messaging surrounding suicide prevention. Our Executive Director is Adjunct Faculty conducting safe reporting on suicide for The Poynter Institute and is available to help you. We provide customized training for reporters, journalists, editors and all other members of the media. Learn more about what training involves and how to book a training session.

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Training Community Professionals

Doctors, nurses, mental and chemical health professionals, law enforcement, EMTs, teachers, business professionals, clergy, and attorneys are among some of the most influential leaders in our communities. Inquire about our suicide prevention training programs to keep your community healthy and safe. Custom training sessions are available and encouraged.

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Workplace Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Consultation

SAVE works one-on-one with large and small businesses, nonprofit agencies, local and state government offices, and task forces and groups who need technical assistance and expert advice in suicide prevention, intervention and bereavement. Our consultation services can be short or long term, be specific to one issue, or cover a full range of topics. 

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