Major Initiatives

SAVE engages the public by partnering with communities across the country to organize awareness events, start up new SAVE charters, and disseminate suicide prevention messaging.

Join or Start a SAVE Event!

SAVE raises public awareness by organizing a variety of positive events in partnership with dedicated individuals and communities across the country. Learn more about joining, supporting, or starting your own SAVE event near you.

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National Outreach Network

Start a SAVE Charter in your community! Dedicated NON volunteers work on a local and regional basis, assisting SAVE in bringing suicide prevention and mental health resources to their local communities using SAVE’s nationally recognized suicide prevention materials, resources and programs.

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SAVE Certified

Already creating public awareness materials about suicide? Have them certified! Receive expert review from an international panel, assure your messages are safe for the public, and achieve a level of expertise.

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Multimedia Awareness Campaigns

Want to start a public awareness campaign in your town or city? SAVE can help. Check out our public awareness campaigns that can be utilized in a variety of settings and for your target demographic.

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Today is the Day…

You may have seen or heard SAVE’s public awareness campaign Today is the Day. We developed this campaign to help raise awareness of mental health and suicide prevention and are glad you made it to this page to learn more about it. If you have a mental health problem, it can be helpful to talk about these issues with others. It can be scary to reach out for help, but it is often the first step to helping you heal, grow, and recover. Having a good support system and engaging with trustworthy people are key to successfully addressing your own mental health. If you’re struggling, reach out. Help is available.

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